Haiti Bound

Hi friends!

I have some exciting news that I am dying to share!! I am headed to Bon Repo’s, Haiti from December 27th – January 2nd and I could not be more thrilled! In the past few weeks, I have applied for my passport, bought a diarrhea kit (TMI, I know), purchased an insane amount of insect repellent, and am taking preventative medication for typhoid and malaria. While this may not seem super fun, I have enjoyed every moment because I know what it will bring.

I have had a dream since the age of 8 to open an orphanage. It has been confirmed by God several times that this would be my life’s work. I have pursued this goal for the past several years and am now taking my first trip to explore what is required to make it happen.

One extremely important detail to working in the mission field is money. I hate asking for things. I prefer to work and earn everything myself. But God has a way of testing our comfort zone and pushing us to put our trust in Him. I believe that this is preparation for my future. I cannot pay for this trip myself. I have worked and saved but there is only so much I can do. I need your help.

I am asking you to adopt-a-box.

Here is how it works:

  1. Pick a box (number).
  2. Donate that amount in one of two ways.

Online: http://www.kingdomkidshomes.org/new-page-1/ and put my name                                in the missionary designation line.

Mail: write the check to Kingdom Kids Homes and put my name on the memo                        line. It can be sent to: PO Box 984 Troy, MI 48099.

3. Comment below with what number you picked, your name, and favorite                       color. I will fill in the box you bought with your name and color.


I cannot wait to meet the sweet children who reside at Kingdom Kids Homes.

I truly believe that this will be one of the best weeks of my life.

Thank you for you love, support, and prayers!! 🙂




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