My Daddy

The average person who has met my dad would probably give a description similar to this: he loves Jesus, his family, and the Ohio State Buckeyes. In that order. He is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-second amendment rights, and is as Conservative on politics as they come. He holds strongly to his values without a care as to who might be offended by his stance on controversial issues.

I am sure that many people would consider my dad intolerant, hard headed, narrow-minded, ignorant, and a few might even find him heartless.

But today I want to tell you about the man I know.

My dad has a personal relationship with his Savior. For years, I have seen my dad get on his knees every morning and have a conversation with his Creator. I have watched my dad lean on his Lord for guidance in extremely difficult situations. The faith he places in God guiding his every step is so inspiring.

My dad pursues his wife. Want to know the real heart of a man? Watch how he treats his wife. My dad has given me a beautiful example of what qualities must be present in a future husband. I have watched my dad love my mom and care for her. I believe that to have a mom and dad who love each other is the best gift that God could give a child. I thank my dad for his commitment to my mom and my family, even through the trials.

My dad loves his children. Statistics say that 70% of fathers with a special needs child walk away from their family. I have seen my dad love and care for my sister. My family homeschools and my dad has been the sole provider for 17 years. We have struggled and had times of difficulty but I have never heard him ask for my mom to get a job. My dad desires to give my siblings and I the best opportunities. His desire has shown through in his actions. Our upbringing and education being Biblically founded will forever change all of our lives.

My dad defends the lives of the innocent. He stands up for those who cannot stand for themselves and speaks for those who cannot speak. My dad fights for the lives of the unborn and protects the lives of the disabled. I have watched my dad spend his evenings, weekends, and vacation days to help those in need. I have seen my dad spend hours on the phone counseling families on what to do, driving to hospitals at the last minute when he felt God calling him, and speaking at events with hundreds of people to raise funds for pregnancy centers. I have watched my dad cry when he found out a little one went to be with Jesus. My dad has a servant’s heart like few others.

My dad speaks the truth of Christ. My dad has spoken up for God no matter the cost. He has offended people and broken off relationships for his beliefs, but he holds to them nonetheless. His example gave me the courage to stand up in front of my college class and profess Jesus Christ as my Savior. I thank God that I was given a father who values his relationship with his Lord, far more than his relationships with people. I am blessed to know that my dad loves God above all else.

This is the man I know. A man of compassion and faith. I am beyond happy to call this man my father.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!!




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