That Little Voice

“You know that little voice in your head of right and wrong? I like to tone that out and listen to logic and reason.”

Those were some of the first words that I heard from my English professor at the start of my first day at college.

I’m sure many people have similar stories of crazy liberal professors forcing their “tolerant” beliefs onto their students; and the fact that so many people have similar stories is ridiculous.

I was paying this woman to teach me, not to attempt to brainwash me with her obviously intolerant opinions.

But there is more to it than that. This is our culture. A culture that speaks “logic” over a sense of right and wrong. We used to live in a world where those were the same thing; now, they couldn’t be more drastically different.

“If I ever catch you making fun of or bullying gays or lesbians, I will make sure that you never attend — again.”

I would never bully anyone, especially someone so fragile and in need of a Savior. I have no idea what has happened in their life to make them that broken, that crushed, that they feel that they need “love” from people of their own gender.

My issue with what she said is this: Christianity is a strongly disliked religion; I get made fun of, called names, and sworn at for simply claiming Christ.

So where was her passion and anger in making sure that I was not poked fun at?

It was not there. She had none. She had a desire to protect the sin, but felt no need to protect those who disagreed with the sin.

“If you are a minor, tell your parents that I will not be accepting phone calls from them concerning this class.”

She had the right idea with this one, considering the things my parents wanted to say to her after hearing about the first class.

Society today believes that parents are often times irrelevant; we have made out parenthood to be meaningless.

I am a dual-enrollment student. I am 16 years old. I am homeschooled. This woman wanted my parents to have little to no knowledge of the education I was receiving.

She dismissed my parents role in my life and was attempting to plan their parenthood.

“If you don’t like swearing, well, you’re just going to have to get used to it because you’re in college now and that’s what happens here.” 

It is so ingrained in our society to use foul language that I just have to accept it without questioning?

A dirty mouth does not make you sound smarter or more mature; if anything it does quite the opposite.

“Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” – Lady Grantham (Downton Abbey)

My English teacher needs to take a hint from Lady Grantham and learn some proper English.

“I have two students who wrote blatant lies about me on the internet, so I tracked them down and am prosecuting them…if you are going to call me a b—-, just say it to my face.”

After hearing this woman talk for just three hours, I would not be surprised to hear if those two students wrote nothing but the truth.

She who will not be named, because I do not want to be sued, let us know at the very beginning of the class, that she is full out prosecuting two students because they wrote a negative review of her online.

This is the world in which we live. Suing someone because you do not like what they said about you. Can you say easily offended?

It is difficult to talk to anyone about what they believe and discuss their opinions, if people feel ridiculed at the slightest question.

So a friendly tip to all my fellow Christians: don’t be easily offended; it may seem painful now, but in the end it will be pleasant. (Hebrews 12:11)

“Most people fail my class, so just drop it now if you don’t think you can make it.”

I hastily followed this instruction with the prompting of my parents. I am not going to pay for a class where I feel a need to defend myself instead of learn; especially considering I am still a junior in high school.

I did not write this article to complain about an awful professor. I wrote this to bring awareness to what is happening in today’s world.

I know there are so many stories that are much more shocking than mine, but I have yet to read one and not just hear it from a friend. I wanted to put mine in black and white.

Christians are being attacked from every angle. Our opinion on anything will seem worthless to so many people.

The Bible tells us that we know we are doing the right thing if we are hated by the world; so I, for one, am completely content being hated.


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