Josh Duggar…again?!

I have been super busy, but I thought that this topic needed a moment of my attention.

Joshua Duggar is a total hypocrite.

He has lied, cheated on his wife, viewed pornography, and molested young girls.

The man needs serious help.

But we all do.

In no way am I defending his actions. He has acted despicably and deserves everything he has coming.

Just remember these three things while you are pointing the judgement finger:

  1. He has a wife and children. Don’t tear down his family with him, they aren’t the reason that he did what he did. And at this point his wife has every reason to divorce him; the Bible says that unfaithfulness can be reason for divorce. Support Anna…don’t make a fool of the victim.
  2. We are all hypocrites and have fallen short. You are not better than him. He broke the marriage covenant, which is extremely important to God. You aren’t God though. You are not his judge. You can be disappointed. You can be upset. You can be angry. Just remember that in your anger, you are not to sin.
  3. He is not beyond the blood of Jesus. Jesus didn’t die for everyone except Josh Duggar. He died for everyone. Josh needs to repent. He needs to be truly sorry and do a 180 degree turn from his sin. But he is not beyond forgiveness. There will be consequences because of what he did. Major Consequences. He needs counseling and to get right with God. But what he did will not send him to hell for eternity; no matter how much you want it to.

Pray for him. Pray for his wife. Pray for his children. Pray for his family. They need it no matter how much you dislike them.


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